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Introducing the Alpha Product Research & Sourcing Workshop


Get The Strategies & Techniques No One Else Is Talking About That Will Uncover The Products Your Competition Will Miss


Get The Step-by-Step Check-Lists & Guidance You Need To Choose The Right Product & Validate It Within Your Niche


Learn the Principles Behind ROI & Profitability, Inventory Planning & Lead time, So That You Can Make Calculated Decisions 


Learn To Group Competitors, Analyse Amazon Niches & Markets with Proven Checklists and Softwares. 


Choosing The Right Supplier Is Crucial To Product Success. Learn How To Find & Vet Suppliers The Right Way and Much More!!! 

Live Group Coaching Calls

Get A Birds Eye View & Ask Questions Live As We Dive Into Research, Sourcing & More, Together! 

How To Discover & Validate Products That Most Won't! 

Most "Gurus" regurgitate the same research methods over & over - leading their students to find the same profit-killing products time & again. This is where The FBA Alpha Product Research Workshop comes in - You're going to learn the expert strategies you NEED to find new private label product opportunities others will miss! 

Meet Sharon Even

Sharon Even is a 30-year-old entrepreneur who started her e-commerce journey at the age of 15 importing & selling sunglasses in New Zealand on www.trademe.co.nz.  Over the years she moved on to eBay, virtual shops & eventually found Amazon. Sharon has lived all over the world and her eCommerce businesses were always her side hustle income. In 2015 she fired her boss & turned her side hustle into her full time income. 

Making well over 7 figures, today Sharon not only balances being a wife, mom, & entrepreneur - she runs multiple businesses including creating private label brands & selling them on Amazon, as well as coaching others on how to sell on Amazon. 

Sharon lives to not only help and inspire other young mothers, but as many people as she can. Helping people just like you to learn the skills that have given her the freedom to live the “Laptop Lifestyle”. As Sharon always says -“ If I can do it - so can you!” 

So What Are You Waiting For? Success Is Just A Click Away! 


Success Is Just One Product Away...

Expert instruction from a real 7-figure Amazon seller who has your best interest in mind is hard to find. Sign Up today to get access to the best experts, methods & strategies you need to become a successful Amazon FBA seller!

Sharon Has Been Featured In:

"LOVE LOVE LOVE the product research workshop. Sharon, I cant believe the amount of work and time you have put into this... I have learned so much with our live group meetings. Thank you for this amazing workshop."

Jeenal Mehta

"Sharon Even, thank you for all the work you've put into the Product Research Workshop! The amount of pre-recorded content you've included (and continue to add) is above and beyond what I expected. I've loved watching how your mind works during the live sessions, but have gotten so much additional value out of the Q&A portions of the calls!"

Heather Weston

"So I joined the workshop & it’s been AMAZINGLY beneficial. Sharon totally over-delivered on the content, which if you are a part of her group, should come as no surprise at all. The calls that are included have been very helpful and interactive, and she records them so you can have access to them again, which is very helpful! She’s willing to answer any questions and is always readily accessible! It’s such an asset to have access to this course forever!"

Victoria Anne

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